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Software Alliance Limited ("SAL") is a UK-based specialist software house focused on the development of financial modelling solutions & services for the insurance industry. We deliver innovative solutions offering unsurpassed levels of simplicity, transparency, and productivity to our customers. Our tools provide the foundations for mission critical financial modelling, analysis & decision making. Our understanding of industry & specific customer needs coupled with investments in leading-edge technology allows us to deliver the next generation of modelling capability for our clients.

Introducing the Financial Modelling Platform is an award-winning service-oriented financial modelling platform which harnesses the latest technology to allow organisations to radically improve their modelling capabilities. It is comprehensive, powerful and cost-effective, designed to meet all current and emerging modelling needs. is currently used by companies in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Russia, Slovenia, Israel, Malaysia, Thailand, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. offers unrivalled levels of speed, scalability, ease of use, flexibility and enterprise integration due to its modern, open, loosely-coupled architecture. allows users to develop their own bespoke models on top of a core set of extensible building blocks & components in order to reflect the features of their specific insurance products & business needs. Models can then be deployed for use by a multitude of business applications.

For the first time, a single calculation kernel can support each stage of the insurance product lifecycle - from front-office quotations & illustrations, through core actuarial / risk reporting activities, into back-office policy administration & surrender value calculations.

e2e Modelling

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We offer an expanding range of software solutions to support all stages of the financial modelling lifecycle - from development through to operations. Model Development Studio

Model Development Studio

The Model Development Studio provides a huge array of features and functionality to streamline the process of developing and testing new financial models.

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Quotations Service

The Quotations Service allows any user developed model that has been published to the Modelling Service Hub to be consumed on demand by a variety of consumer application.

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Execution Service

The Execution Service enables any model that has been published to the Modelling Service Hub to be consumed by any batch-oriented client application.

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Mobile Modeller

Mobile Modeller

The Mobile Modeller smartphone app is designed to illustrate how existing models can be consumed by a range of devices supporting a variety of potential applications.

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