Discover the Future of Financial Modelling Today 7.1 represents the next major step towards making the only financial modelling & calculation platform you need to support each stage of the insurance business lifecycle. From front-office illustrations & quotations, through traditional actuarial reserving, reporting & risk management activities, and into back-office policy administration & servicing, provides a comprehensive & coherent calculation platform that meets the needs of even the most demanding users.

e2e Modelling 7.1 contains a wide range of improvements that make the best features of 7 easier to use. The update also adds a range of features & refinements to enhance the end-to-end modelling experience.

Integration 7.1 includes many new features to make the task of deploying, integrating and consuming models & calculations as simple as possible.

  • One-click process for creating service packs and parameter data packs for use in other platform components
  • Ability to download specific calculations from the operational environment back into the Model Development Studio for analysis or debugging
  • Allows service packages to be consumed using extended range of options, including Origo messages in either XML or JSON format
  • Identity Service is now fully integrated with the Operational Modelling Centre allowing administrators to control platform permissions from a single management console

User Experience 7.1 focuses on cleaning up the design of just a bit, while adding many small changes to how the platform works.

  • Further refinements to the user interfaces to standardise the overall user experience
  • Consistency of screens / behaviour across different platform components
  • More easily interact with input data, parameters or results stored in relational database environments
  • Enhanced user feedback when things don’t work as expected
  • Allows service packages to be given a more memorable name when deployed to operational services

Governance and Control

  • Automatic versioning of service packages and other calculation binaries
  • Explicit versioning and visibility of changes for all modelling artefacts within the Model Development Studio environment
  • Allows source code to be embedded in service packs, so original model logic can always be retrieved from an operational environment

We’re confident that the enhancements and changes we’ve made in 7.1 will help users maximise their overall modelling productivity.