Discover the Future of Financial Modelling Today 7 represents the most significant evolution of the award-winning financial modelling platform to date.

Our vision is to offer a single financial modelling platform that supports each stage of the insurance business lifecycle. This includes front-office quotations and illustrations, through to core actuarial and risk reporting activities, all the way to back-office policy administration and surrender claims value calculations.

e2e Modelling

Models, results and analysis information can be consumed on demand and on any device: laptop, tablet and mobile. To support this goal, we have developed discrete, service-oriented solutions that work in isolation or in combination to support a variety of business use cases. 7 focuses on the seamless integration of new and existing platform components, and on providing a more intuitive and immersive user experience. With a fresh, consistent look-and feel, we’ve simplified the process of creating service packages, making it easy to consume existing models in a range of enterprise services.

And there is more.... we have improved the process of writing results to data connections, so that now allows models to consume and create data (assumptions or policy data) held in relational database environments (SQL Server, Oracle, etc) or ODBC connections, without the developer having to write a single line of code.