Hosted Modelling Services

For clients who require industrial-strength scalability (thousands of compute nodes), have industrial-strength failover / resilience requirements, or who have no existing or planned investment in on-premise modelling infrastructure, we can offer best-in-class hosted modelling environments through specialist infrastructure partners. We work together with customers to provide a set of managed services appropriate to existing and emerging needs, but provide the flexibility to scale up (or down) as requirements change.

The Modelling Platform-as-a-Service

We have partnered with specialist infrastructure providers to provide a scalable, secure and cost-effective modelling-as-a-service solution. This provides customers with a range of benefits beyond those offered by traditional workload distribution solutions:

  • Flexible compute and storage capacity to respond to evolving business requirements
  • Zero on-premise modelling infrastructure
  • Low management and support costs
  • Out of the box disaster recovery / resilience with a marginal (if any) increase in cost
  • Secure access to infrastructure, models, data and results
  • Transparent / utility-based charging model

This service is being used today by customers for business-critical modelling activity.

Please get in touch to discuss your specific hosted modelling requirements.