Introducing Cloud Modelling Services Cloud Services is a collection of award-winning services and solutions designed to offer a truly comprehensive modelling solution in the cloud. Whether you are looking to reduce your on-premise hardware / software footprint, avoid burst capacity challenges, get continuous software upgrades or simply provide accessibility to modelling resources from anywhere at any time, Cloud Services provides you with the flexibility required, all on a utility / pay for what you use basis.

The Cloud Modelling Portal

The Cloud Modelling Portal provides self-service access to a range of preconfigured recipes appropriate to the needs of a variety of modelling use cases. Whether you are a lone developer wanted to build or modify a model for your own or client use, or an insurance enterprise wanting to run your entire modelling estate in the cloud, the Cloud Modelling Portal provides you with a single interface from which to manage services, components, activity and billing.

Of course, customers aren’t limited to the out of the box recipes on offer. Any combination of platform components can be configured as part of bespoke customer recipe, so you have all the software you need available at the touch of a button.

Cloud Modelling Portal

Signing-in to the Cloud Modelling Portal

Cloud Modelling Portal

Creating a new resource through the Cloud Modelling Portal